Why is moving from FiOS so hard? And why do I have a two-year agreement?

To begin, Verizon FiOS service is great! It only went out once, due to a failed battery in the sytem and was corrected ASAP. The local technicians are personable and quick. Now, my fiance and I are moving to a location that doesn't have the FiOS service, so we're forced to give up our service for what's available in the new location. The 50/50 Mbps has been fantastic. So we chat in twice and called and on all three occassions we were met with disconnected, detached and difficult representatives, which doesn't match the service that's been given thus far.

We ran into an issue where we were told, as we're moving in May 2015 and had moved in our current location in May 2014, that we would be subject to an ETF of our contract. My fiance and I are startled as we made a conscious decision to go with the month to month plan throughout our stay. How do we know this? There was an offer for a $250 gift card if we signed up for the contract option and truly considered it as we were wanting some free-flowing cash at the outset of our new residence (start-up costs for household items). We decided against it, as we weren't sure how long we would be here and guess what? A 2-year contract was applied! We've never been late, missed a payment or any such thing. So my question is if we were placed on such a contract, why weren't we given the promotional at that time?

Also, we requested some packaging to send the equipment back as the last day of service will be 05/07, yet haven't received that yet either. Can we take it to a local Verizon store around the corner?

Not sure why this process has been made difficult, as we aren't leaving the service because we want to, but because FiOS isn't applicable to ZIP 28203.

Looking for answers and assitance, please.

Re: Why is moving from FiOS so hard? And why do I have a two-year agreement?
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Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to other customers here.

My understanding is you can take your equipment to any UPS store and they will pack and ship it to Verizon.  Be sure to keep copies of all serial numbers and tracking numbers.  Pictures are a good idea.  I've seen many reports of lost shipments that end up in collections on these boards, so it is wise to keep accurate records.

As to your contract status, you'll have to continue to discuss that with Verizon.  We other users can't help you with that issue.

Good Luck.