Why is my MANDATORY PIN constantly taken off my account? Who is doing this?

I set a mandatory -- MANDATORY -- pin on my account three times over the past two years. I HAVE BEENASKED for my pin for a few times afterward, which I have and was glad to be asked. It shows someone is doing his/her job.

But always ALWAYS this pin "gets taken off" and nobody knows why.

Once, one person said "oh the notes on here say to remove the pin"

I was livid.

Not from me.

Has anyone had this happen?

I have noted over the month of March, a lot of problems with my notebook.

It seems to me, a lot of stuff that only someone getting into my account coulddo. This is why IHAVE A MANDATORY PIN. THAT MEANS, ALWAYS, NOT JUST WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT.

I noted it to the lastest tech I spoke to today, and he put it back on, could not explain why it was taken off or when .

I am soooooooooooo tired of Verizon being like this.

I think I pay too much for what I get, I also deserve privacy and IF I PUT A PIN ON MY ACCOUNT, IT BLOODY WELL BETTER STAY THERE.

And when I come online, the tech said there is a "contact us" hyperlink on the page you should be able to send a complaint.. I told him I have been clicking that "contact us" link over and over nad over and the only think that happens is I get a big gray box that says,"changes to fios tv and something about my set top box"

I think the nasty chat person I had -(oh, life chat is now no longer available, gee) is doing this so I won't make a well deserved complaint.

I am paying too much money to 1) have my mandatory pin get taken off at the whim of someone who may or may not work here because Verizon is not affording me appropriate secuirty and 2) lousy service when you can't access a link it just goes in circles. I clicked on that fios gray box and it did not go away, it just routed me back. THIS IS DELIBERAT TO BLOCK PEOPLE.

So by now, I'm irate.

I put a mandatory pin for a **bleep** good reason. I had a burglary in Jan. 2012 and every bit of personal info was taken.

Off and on I've seen my account with changes -- someone in my sub account made it so you could log ina nd watchg tv

i could just scream

 qand these people at verizon want more and more and more money and provide NO SECURITY ON THE ONE THING THAT IS SUPPOSED TO HELP KEEP ME SECURE.


i ask everyone, put a pin on and see how long it lasts.

If you have had a mandatory pin taken off without your doing it? I'd love to know.

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