Why is my service so messed up?

I’m having issues with Verizon I’ve been on the phone for hours getting the run around. My phone has been shut off twice They are so sorry and apologize and then I just get connected to different people time and time again my replacement phone was lost then it was found but they charge me for it. Give me a credit then have my bill so messed up for something that wasn’t even my fault. They will apologize but they’re not the one spending hours on the phone trying to get their account back in order with runaround every single time they will post their sorry, but are they really when nothing gets done and complementary credits for something they messed up

Re: why is my service so messed up
Customer Service Rep
Ronm816, we are sorry to read about your ongoing issues with service and billing. Are you still experiencing service issues? Has your billing been addressed? You shared you were anticipating a replacement device, have you received one now?