Why should I keep Verizon?
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I called Verizon Support on 4 Sep with two issues (slow and sporadic wifi and pixelization on channel 285.  Kia (verizon) fixed (I thought at the time) the wifi issue but later learned that it was not fixed.  She also told me that she opened a ticket for the pixelization issue and the repair technician would be out today (8 Sep) between 0800 - 1200.  At 1335 I finally reached Verizon support and talked with Michon to learn that there was no dispatch ticket.  So I could have waited forever.  Needless to say that I have wasted more that half my day waiting on a technician that isn't coming.  Also my wifi just quits at times and nobody seems to care.  I have three Verizon accounts but I can never see the main account when I log onto My Verizon.  This issue has been open for almost a year.  Where should I go to get help, Consumer Protection Agency, newspaper, ???