Why should I stay with Verizon?
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I recently logged into my FIOS account to try and change services as it has become too expensive. After selecting a channel package below what I already have it showed the price was not lower. I logged off and had other things to concern myself with so I planned to contact Verizon in the future. My next bill came and was about 12 dollars more per month as Verizon raised the price of my service. Now I received notice that I will soon be charged a maintenance fee on my router. Seriously?

Verizon performs no maintenance on my router, anything that is required I perform myself. Well, I just received a sweet offer from Comcast that includes a much lower price for a Triple Play and a 400 Visa gift card or a Samsung Galaxy Tab. I can almost cut my bill in half. After being a Fios customer for close to 7 years I think perhaps it is time to leave. It is now apparent why your subs continue to fall. If someone from your retention dept. would like to discuss this with me I would be receptive otherwise it will be time to move on. Thanks, Dave