Why so long to get a refund
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I cancelled my service over 2 months ago. I still have yet to get my refund for the service. I was told i had to wait for final billing. Well guess what 10/6/18 was my final billing, and now 11/9/18 and still no refund. Verizon you charge me immediately for the service but when it's time to give back it takes 2 months. 

Re: Why so long to get a refund

What REFUND are you referring to?

do you mean a security deposit?

security deposits are returned normally in the same manner you paid. However you would have the time start over if you have ever missed a payment. If you paid on time every time they normally refund the security deposit within 6-8 weeks after you either reach the time limit on the deposit 12 months. Or if you leave the service.

check your credit, debit or bank account for a refund. If paid in cash or check you must look for an innocent post card that is actually a check. Call Verizon to inquire if the deposit was returned.

now if you are looking for a refund on service month not used. Verizon does not normally give prorated service refunds. So that may be the case here.