Will a payment arrangement cancel the account suspension

I was notified today that my FiOS account is scheduled to be suspended tomorrow, thanks for the ample notification time Verizon.

So I went and made a payment arrangement.  My fiancee and I are under financial hardship right now, as she lost her job a few months ago and just recently started her new job.  We are trying to keep things caught up, but it has become very difficult.  Verizon customer service on the phone is non-existent (been on hold for 45 minutes now), and chat claims they cannot help me either.  Searching the forums proved to be useless as well.

This question has been asked several times by other people, alas there is no answer available on the forum.  Will a payment arrangement prevent account suspension? I made the payment arrangement, but recieved no notification of any kind the the suspension was postponed pending my arrangement successfully posting next week.