Worst customer service ever! Horrible experience

I have been a FiOS customer for over two years and I ready to ditch FiOS for TimeWarner's Spectrum. Luckily I live in NYC and have a choice. 

The issue: A visitor in my home accidentally pressed some buttons on the remote and subscribed to an add-on package. I immediately wanted to rectify the situation but it is impossible to contact someone. When they want to shove some product down your throat it is super easy but impossible when you want to cancel service. In any case, after dealing with the most stupid ChatBot I got to a real person within 1.5 hours. I was still patient because I wanted to reverse an accidental order. I was on phone with the representative for a very long time and he claimed to have taken care of everything. I also received an email confirmation.

The next bill not only charged for the cancelled add-on TV package but also charged me for one additional month. This is after a getting a "confirmation" from their system that removed the package. I am not sure if they terrible programmers who have massive glitches in their software or they are a heinous corporation who wants to squeeze customers. Somehow I don't want to find out and am done with FiOS.

I am now on the phone again for the last 1.5 hours and then they said "your call cannot be answered .. goodbye".  

FiOS is THE WORST company ever that doesn't respect a customer's time. I am ditching FiOS for good!

I am going to actively campaign in my building (which has FiOS) to new tenants and existing tenants to subscribe to Spectrum instead of FiOS.

Re: Worst customer service ever! Horrible experience
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Hi Samprit,

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