account was switched from prepay to monthly

In December I established two prepay accounts for two hotspot units for two business. I was told that when I was done I could just not pay the next months bill, since they were established as pay as you go accounts.

I have received several bills and have called several times trying to get this straightened out I have not used the devices since February and I am still being billed.

I have called multiple times trying to resolve the situation to no avail, I have been hung up on by your staff and disconnected by the your system .

I do my best to not yell at the staff, I realize that they have no knowledge and no control.  But after multible attemps to resolve the issue and being told by the Financial Department phone system that they are closed and to call back when they are open! I called this last time at 9:22 am pst which is 12:22 pm est, it has become obvious to me that you have no live people it that division.

If there is anyone who can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you


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Customer Service Rep

Hello, Frustrated79 and thank you for bringing this to our attention today. I know how important it is to get your account concerns resolved ASAP. We are here for account specific support through Private Note, and would be happy to help! Additionally, we have 24/7 support through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) via PM and DM. Please send us a Private Note here, or a PM/DM through social media to get started with reviewing your account concerns. We will be here to help!