activation fees x 3

due to Comcast's increasingly high rates/charges, after over 17yrs with them, i switched to Verizon fios last year, Aug 2013. We paid the $69-70 activation fee (spread over 3 months). Then June of this year, sold our home and temporarily moved into an apartment....We paid the $69-70 activation fees again.....Then, once we were able to move into our new home, we were charged the $69-70 activation fees AGAIN.....That amounts to $210 in activation fees. I haven't cancelled any services with each move; my services were transferred from one place to the next......Now in hindsight, the apartment had fios wired already......

Can I catch a break with the activation fees please? (The good news: the current 2nd and 3rd $23.33 fees will be waived on my next bill).....I should be refunded the $69 paid when moved into the apartment, since apartment was already equipped for fios, right???

Re: activation fees x 3
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