billing when moving

I am in the process of moving and will have at least 30 days when I have no Verizon service.  Nonetheless Verizon bills me for service that I will not receive.  Customer service tells me that I will get a credit when my new service begins.  I will have a lower bill in the future than I had.  So close to two months of credits for the new service would have to be issued.  This makes sense from an accounting standpoint but not from a fairness standpoint.  I can think of several instances (such as dying) where I would never start the new service.  I am told I (my estate?) would receive a mastercard debit card with the credit amount.  I have chosen to not pay the bill.  And I will refuse to pay any late fee.  Would love to hear from verizon why all this makes sense. 

Re: billing when moving
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Hi jefflaut,

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