can't downgrade service on weekend?

My FIOS triple play contract is up in 5 days. After numerous trys to downgrade my service online, I emailed Customer Support on June 3 asking them to downgrade my service to internet only and for the address where to send the TV boxes back. . On June 6, I received a very polite response telling me to call the Retention Depatment.  A little while ago, I called the retention department, and explained, that  I wanted to downgrade my service to internet only. I was told , I must call the regular Customer Service 800 number, Monday through Friday, to discontinue any service. The rep is sending out the boxes to send in the TV boxes. The retention department rep was very polite, but did not resolve my problem.--So calling doesn't seem to work either.

I don't have time to spend hours on the phone, Monday through Friday, trying to downgrade my service, that was why I was trying to do it online, myself.

Is it possible to downgrade/change your service at the end of your contract online?

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