customer serv call frustrating!!!
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I was on the phone with customer service for 1 hr 23 minutes and spoke with 5 people.  Unbeleiveable.  The 5th person who ultimately solved the problem even admitted that the 1st 4 people that I spoke with could have solved the problem.  I thanked him for his help and told him that I would like to talk to someone about the long drawn out call.  He was very nice and connected me to the busienss office.  It was a short call, I briefly explained what had happened and ask if there was any compensation or at least an explanation or if someone would want to know about this and the girl hung up on me.  What!?  This all started when I was updating our services and ended up with no home phone for 3 days.  Is there a way to email customer service?  business office? supervisors?  Very frustrating!  5 people!!!

Re: customer serv call frustrating!!!
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you got out easy then, and your problem was fixed? read thru these forums and count your blessings.