customer service and billing complaint.

I left spectrum 12/22/17 for a promotion verizon fios had on x-mas time which was free DVR for a year with a 2 year contract which included HBO and Showtime for 2 years. when they had sent me the email to agree to terms i didnt realize that the technician who setup package did not give me the DVR free for a year until equipment came to my home without the DVR boxes. I called same day and was told that they made a mistake cause it was a xmas promotion and the person who set it up did not select the box for the DVR by mistake. the new operator told me to go to the nearest verizon location and swap boxes and they would fix issue and would make sure i will not be charged, and so i did.

1 month later i realized my bill was $20 bucks more than what i signed up for and lost HBO and Showtime and had gotten encore and starz channels. I called customere service to fix issue with channels and that for the first month i will recieve a bill for $210 and they will adjust bill when it generates at end of month. 

Now they are telling me that the promotion has eneded for free DVR and that they cant give me the same promotion from xmas even though a mistake was made on their end. so now im stuck paying $20 bucks extra a month or pay contract termination fee. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!.... all because the operator did not put exactly what happened in notes im getting screwed. 

Re: customer service and billing complaint.

Unfortunately this is a complaint you can read about here that happens more often than not.

the constant customer service retort is to say there is nothing they can do, or it’s the customers fault for not catching it sooner, or even though it’s a Verizon issue they never can fix anything when customers contact them.

amazing how they hire customer service people that have no ability to assist or correct a customers issues. Don’t want to give credits, no money refunds, free this or that which is found to cost money. 

Total waste of time. I am of a group of consumers that don’t take this sort of treatment and use consumer and state regulations to force to get what I am entitled to or promised. There are time limits involved so act quickly to get it corrected.

your initial email confirmation should have spelled out exactly what you were getting. If you didn’t get it you can void out that contract. 

Re: customer service and billing complaint.
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.