discounts? actually no...just misinformation
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I applied for an eligible employer discount on March 3rd and received the message that it would be checked to see if I can be approved for the discount. On April 14th, I reached out to a live agent and they helped and said they did not know why the discount was not applied and said it can take 1-2 billing cycles. This agent on 4/14 offered me a loyalty discount and said it should be applied and said the other initial discount I applied for would be applied in 5 days since there was a technical glitch in the system. He said he would put notations on my account and I do not need to worry.

4/30- Cut to over 5 days later, and I get an email of what my bill will be in May and to no one's surprise it is my usual amount. I go on a live agent chat again with Dee, and she ultimately just says I need to apply for the discount and see if I am eligible. I ask about the loyalty discount that was offered to me on 4/14 by the other agent and Dee says I cannot apply both discounts even though the last rep said I could and I even asked that. She said I was not even eligible for the loyalty discount, then I asked why and she said...she could not say. which means they are really just giving them to certain people who they deem fit. 

At this point, I state I am not leaving the agent chat until a discount is applied since they have been dodging this since MARCH. She leaves the chat in the end. I ended up calling to talk to a rep and this person was very helpful and actually contacted other people higher up to get things done. What is appalling is the employer discount was verified but not applied because it could not be applied on the type of plan I had. This is a joke in itself bc was Verizon going to tell me that? Also I should not have to change plans in order to get a discount for where I work lol. Another interesting thing is this kind person said I COULD get the loyalty discount, which is comical because 30 mins prior an agent online in a chat said I couldn't but could not say why. Ultimately, a $20 discount was applied and then I got a code for another $20 discount- for which I still need to receive.

Verizon definitely hopes customers will not follow up on these things so the discounts are never applied. Also, the sheer amount of misinformation I was told is unethical. There needs to be standardization across the board and just respect for their customers honestly, but as a business they cannot keep saying one thing and then when you go to another person they say another. They perpetuate omission of the truth and are making profits off of misinformation. It seems like they do not want you to know about the discounts, or advertise them on the app and then make it extremely difficult for them to be applied. 

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