discriminated against.

I don't know how else to report this.  I am hoping someone will give me a clue or tell me what to do.

I am a male and because of the way my voice sounds over the phone (i guess) it comes out sounding like a female.  I was discriminated against in such a fashion multiple times, by a service representive and also by his supervisor.  I am very much annoyed to be referred to in such a way and I would like to make a note (as I have had done with other companies) that when I call (it is pretty rare) that I am to be referred to as a male.  I am very saddened by the fact that I was discriminated against multiple times and also multiple times by his supervisor.  I don't know what else to say.

Re: discriminated against.

It is not verizons fault your voice is not of a male  characteristic. So no discrimination can be proven. If this were the case you can have a more manly person call in your stead.  And that would alievate the situation.

when I speak to a person in person or over the phone they tremble due to my voice characteristics. I have to many times tone it down. It is not verizons intention to cause distress due to your voice patterns.