dishonest customer service, make sure you get it in writing

had a bad experience with fios. Called to renew my contract. Rep told me the price was going to be 114, when the written quote came in it was 127. I was told if I opted to sign I would have 24 hours to cancel. When I got the email quote later that night it said my firstontha bill was going to be over 300. I started chatting a rep immediately to cancel. After several attempts he finally told me that he would cancel the contract ( snap shotted this) then the rep dropped the chat . I called back later and stayed on the phone another 2 hours trying to get them to cancel and they couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. The rep promised to call me back the following day to clear up the matter and never did. So I called again that night, another hour and a half on the phone and still no resolution. This is the thanks I get for having paid my bills on time for 7 years. All fios cares about is new customers. Don’t ever sign anything unless you see it in writing, and even then it is subject to change later without explanation.

Re: dishonest customer service, make sure you get it in writing
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.