etf waiver

Does anyone else have trouble with this? I have recently moved to Florida from Buffalo,NY and cancellI have trred my service.When I returned the equiptment to the Verizon store,I was told that I was not responsible for anearly termination fee.Since I arrived I have been getting calls and bills for an early termination fee. After many talks with Verizon I went to the etf waiver site,filled out the required fields only to have it NOT Ddownloaded all I get is C/FAKEPATHUNTITLEDPDF.I have tried multiple times and get the same thing. All they would have to do is look at my cell phone bill,it comes to my address in Florida      PLEASE HELP!!!

Re: etf waiver

Try the web link above see if that helps you.

you could try this site to maybe get a rep to assist you

These are real verizon reps with secure assistance. They have a great track record.