i been with verizon 10+ years getting worst in costumer service so i cancel
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It all started because they cant remove a late fee $ 5.18. I had an auto payment so my credit card had change my numbers for security reason so i never updated on verizon and expired. i thought that i had diffrent card .  So as nice guy i dont get verizon bill deliver at home address less paper saves money verizon. Never i was told that my card did not work so the first time in 10+ years i had late payment bam +$5.18 more no the bill. The point is not the 5.18 it is that they need to notify the costumer that the card did not work. So i try to explay to verizon reps and manager but they could not get it so i said i want to cancel. All this  years never had a problem 


So i found out that the same service i had was $20 cheeper online go figure i did it on private broweser without log in.  they could have gave me 5 dollars and could have kept me happy. But now i am debating if i should comeback to someone like that.