i need a transcript of issue with live agent chat
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I have a very simple issue that I'm sure happens to thousand of customers each day.  My auto-pay debit card had recently changed, and I did not have time to go to verizon and change it before auto-pay tried to pay and it got rejected...therefore i received an email alert today.

Naturally, a multi-million dollar company attempting to save more money won't allow a long time verizon customer to actually speak live with a customer service agent on the phone who in this case would have resolved my issue within 1 minute.

Instead, my time was wasted with a live chat agent who assured me auto pay was enforced which wasn't my question.  Eventually she gave the cut-off date of May 14th with led to me asking more questions, and eventually the conclusion that I need to make a manual payment.

Please send me a transcript of this conversation please? 


Thank you



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Hello, we are truly sorry to read about your recent Auto Pay dilemma. Our goal is to aid you in the best way possible with your account. We sent you a Private Note, follow up at your best convenience. ~Gilbert