improper returned payment fees

changed my bank acct info in late August, effective for the Sept 1 billing cycle.  Verizon first tried to bill my non longer existing prior acct. I call on Sept 3 and find out I was supposed to get an email reauthorizing autopay with new acct info. I re-enroll in autopay.  Verizon then attempts to debit my new acct and claims a returned payment. I then pay the bill myself, using the very acct they claim was a returned payment, and the payment is successful.  But on the Oct 1 bill I get hit with a return payment fee. Oct 1 rolls around. By this time I have both the checking acct AND the debit card # in the system to be used for payment. Oct 2, no payment deducted. Call Verizon CSR  on Oct 2, is emphatic that my payment was accepted- he can SEE it in HIS system as processed and maybe it's just taking time to show up as deducted from my bank acct.  He agrees to waive the late payment fee resulting from the Sept "returned payment"  and sends me a link to re-enroll in auto pay AGAIN. Oct 5, I get two emails from verizon: my auto pay was cancelled.  I DID NOT CANCEL AUTOPAY. 2nd email: my payment was returned!!  CSR I call on Oct 5 insists the 1st CSR was wrong about seeing the funds and that she does not see notes from the Oct 2 call,  and I will get hit with ANOTHER return payment fee. I ask it be waived, since I've had the correct bank info listed since mid August yet Verizon can never seem to properly auto deduct. CSR- who kept talking over me- said fee cannot be waived again, but she will have a super call me about it. I know that tactic, and am not surprised when no one from Verizon calls me back. Point being: Verizon is the one screwing up the payments, but billing me return fees and giving me a different story every time I call  (now 3 times). 

Guarantee I will have no problem paying the bill myself, again. What is the point of autopay? How is is that a large co like Verizon can't get a simple deduction process correct? Are they desperate enough for $$ to squeeze customers for fees or just straight up incompetent? I'm pretty sure I know the answer. Verizon: GET MY AUTO PAY RIGHT AND WAIVE THE RETURNED PAYMENT FEE.

Re: improper returned payment fees

Hi meg911,

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