incorrect billing for modem

I received my September 2018 bill. I was charged 39.99 for a replacement modem.  I have the rental plan, that means replacement is free.  Can't speak with anyone because the lines are always busy.  Previously, I spoke with an off shore call center about the replacement modem.  I could understand them. I believe  the call center made the error.  I only paid the @62.91.  They show a balance of $46 due now and a $106 charge for September 25.  Please help.  I was with verizon since it was called  c@p.

Re: incorrect billing for modem

Just a friendly reminder, this is a forum where users help other users. It looks like your issue may require a Verizon representative to review your account details. Please visit our Support page for a variety of ways to contact Verizon or contact Customer Support at 1-800-VERIZON.  For billing issues, please call during normal business hours.