inquired online to make partial payment after service disrupted issue!!!
Went online after figuring can't pay entire bill tho restore service,so I'll go online I thought tho make a partial payment (half)....after exploring the page you are automatically sent to after service is cut off. There were no options for payment.

I never proceed anything, there was never a question of processing a payment, a press, proceed, a press here to process payment, all there was....was continue button. What it got me was my bank account being overdrafted for a payment I never authorized!! And there was no confirmation, no payment completed, no payment bring processed, no thank you for payment......nothing!!!!

Nothing but an overdraft, luckily my landlord is extremely understanding cause my rent check would have surely bounced if he'd deposited now what am I suppose to do, I have an overdraft of $147 and some change and $30.00 fee for the overdraft.....which another fee will be added every 3 dys!!!! Til it's taken care of......I can't afford this online glitch.

And, to top it's Saturday..... and yeah, offices closed till Monday! 😠 not FAIR.
Re: inquired online to make partial payment after service disrupted issue!!!
Community Leader
Community Leader

You will have to contact them during weekdays and business hours. 

There really is no way to handle this online.  Especially here which is a PEER to PEER froum. 

Thinking you could handle it online is probably how you made a mistaken payment rather than requesing a partial payment.