looking for anyone with an answer on new service

Verizon FIOS is being rolled out in Fairfax County, VA

In October 2013, cable was buried leading to our high rise and conduit and pulls were installed throughout the building. 

We were told that reps would be here in November 2013 to begin accepting applications, opening new accounts and scheduling installs.

Every month since then, we have been told they will be here next month.  On 21 Feb 2014, we were ablsolute guaranteed that it would occur by the end of March.

A number of my neighbors and me have allowed our Cox Cable accounts to go month to month in anticipation of better and cheaper services to be offered by Fios.  This becomes expensive as they raise rates at will on month to month services.

Recently, I contacted Fios customer service.  They told me that this is a tech support issue.  I contacted tech support and they told me to contact customer service.  I asked that the issue be escalated to someone who can provide and answer.  I was told that nothing can be escalated unless you have an active Verizon acccount.  I explained that the reason for my contact was that I could not create an account.

Can I get an IRONY

Can I get a CATCH 22 INSIDE A CATCH 22.

Does ANYONE have any contacts at Verizon that may have at least heard a rumor that the earth is not flat?