monthly bill rasie with out notification

My monthly bill was increased 13% which is  3x my monthly social security $ increase  I called to find out  why and put on hold  for 25 minutes and the call was dropped

I went to chat and told I needed to chat with an agent then tole no agent available try later. 

I had no phone service and service man came and went to the line outside and came in to check the conection in side and when he finished he said he cut the lines to all but 1 jack so now no service inthe bedrooms hence we are  unsafe at night with no phone to call 911.   Great vervionfios service now they raise the price with out notice., 

COMCAST is promising they will beat the price by at least 25% and reinstall the jacks VERSON cut.  I have only had verion  all my life. I  guess that is the problem 

Re: monthly bill rasie with out notification
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You can compare your monthly bills at My Verizon account > Home. Sign in here 

What's your package? It could be the contract has expired and the discounts were dropped. You can select a new package including Mix and Match pricing intended for new customers.

How much are you currently paying and what services are you subscribed to? A double play, a triple play? For 300/300 Fios Internet and Digital Voice unlimited is $59.99 + taxes without contract.

To get the fastest support, please contact Fios support through social media channels (Twitter or Facebook) or online chat at 24/7/365. Phone support should be your last resort for saving your precious time and reducing stress on support Centers. Currently, the support Centers has an average wait time around 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Re: monthly bill rasie with out notification

Your post is very unclear. 
how did Verizon raise your rate? On what service? Just exactly what service man that cut your phone jacks? The phone service is run from a line in from a pole or underground to the NID which makes the phone lines active in your home. If he cut wires it would not just be on certain phone jacks. Like I said very confusing.

the other poster gave you a good suggestion, however online chat is offshore and they do not really assist customers and just string you along or like to end the chat constantly. And yes I used the chat once and it was over 2 hours not getting the issue fixed, but my call to Verizon 1-800-VERIZON at 8 am EDT was answered promptly.

you can try here

which are pretty good. However you may have to join the site prior to posting your issue at Verizon direct. But it is free.