more poor service

So now you can't view/pay your bill (no late charges, please, if you can't even provide a bill!!) or as I see today, access your DVR to manage it remotely.

Claims I don't have a set-top box; really? I'm paying $20.00 a month to rent one.

What is the deal with Verizon? Has Cox bought them out and brought their crappy service into it?????

Everything is so slow it's beyond frustrating. So is the fact that some Verizon reps evidently review these boards but no one does jack to fix any of these problems.

Re: more poor service
Customer Service Rep

It sounds like you have several issues that need to be addressed.  Some of these, primarily the ones that will involve account access, will need to be discussed in a private chat to protect your security. 

Please check your private messages for a link to our private chat so that we can address your concerns and work towards a resolution.

Thank you,