never received $200 rebate

I bought 2 iphones, ipad, apple watch, earbuds, screen protectors  and device insurance on 12/29/22 with the promise I would receive $200 rebate for switching over from AT&T and also be reimbursed for the ear buds if I paid up front for them.  I was told to watch for an email from Verizon with the form to submit for the rebate, but it could take a few days to come. Well it's 3/13/23 and I have yet to receive the form! After searching for answers I see I'm not the only person who has this problem of trying to collect on their rebate.  I was tricking into switching over with the promise of this $200 rebate for doing so. . I wouldn't have bought the ear buds either but it was explained to me at the counter they were going to be free once I received the reimbursement rebate for those as well.  So how do I go about collecting what's owed to me Verizon? This is not good business practice on your part!

Re: never received $200 rebate
Customer Service Rep

We understand the importance of getting all that you were promised, and will be happy to further assist you with your rebate, and earbud credit. Please join us in a Private Note, so we may better assist you.*Izzy