new order using non-returned (well under 30 days) equipment
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Just want to make sure - before it becomes an issue - that I won't have something go wrong in the near future... I've got a couple questions:

- an order I created yesterday, adding TV back to my account, had a turn-up date of 9/17... that order should be considered completed I think, and I hope that a new cablecard _isn't_ on its way for me to install, as that's all squared away now. There isn't one being shipped, is there?... which leads to the second question...

- I don't/shouldn't need to return any equipment now, right? I'm just making sure, as I still have a "notice" when I go to the billing screen that I need to return equipment by 10/10 to avoid equipment fees.



Re: new order using non-returned (well under 30 days) equipment
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Khoros Partner

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