overtaxed billing solution
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After a 2 hour phone call with Verizon, I settled for a 50 dollar credit for their overtaxing my account for 6 years.

It seems 3 lines on the same account, billed to the same address are  taxed differently because of an assumed difference of service addresses.  my 3 lines were the same bill at the same address, yet taxed at different rates due to not registering service addresses to each line.  even though we were billed on the same bill, at the same address, service addresses need to be registered to each line.  as the Verizon agent explained, her florida address is not the same tax rate as my texas rate.  what a can of hooey!!!

if I use the words I mean to say, I would be edited.

So,  watch your rates, Verizon is just a big corporation out to cheat, and when we call them on it, their answer is to just let us cancel and go to another carrier.  one loss will not hurt the millions of lines being overtaxed.

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