paper check payments taking forever
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i switched jobs and was unemployed for almost three months. i fell behind on my bill. i worked with a charity in my hometown, and they offered to clear my balance and send an extra $100 to put me a month ahead. i was so relieved. the volunteer at this (very small and local) charity asked me all my account details, and i gave her the number for cust service. they mailed a $395 check that day. this was now almost a month ago. i’ve spoken to customer service many times, trying to track this payment down. nobody can tell me even if they’ve received the envelope, much less when it might be applied to my account. i was given an extension, but it expires in just a few days. then i’ll have no phone for work, and my son’s ipad, used for school, will become a paperweight. i hear many folks complaining about mailed paper checks taking an *eternity* to process and post. CS reps deny this, i suppose all these people here and on reddit/elsewhere are making it up? can *somebody* please go and open the mailbox, grab my payment, and process it please? i was so blessed to receive this help, and now it looks like we will be disconnected anyway because for some reason Verizon simply ignores $400 payments. this phone has never been disconnected for non-payment. i’m quite worried, and nobody at verizon has any answers except “there’s no way for us to locate it” and “it was probably lost in the mail” 

i NEED someone, from verizon, with the capacity to solve this problem. how long is it taking anyone else here to pay by mailed check? because a month is too long. i’ll probably have a birthday before it’s processed. so disheartening; please help me! 

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