"Great" price not so great
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So, my two-year Triple Play agreement will be coming to an end in a few months.  I log on, and I see an enticing message: Renew your bundle early at a great price!   A few clicks later, and I discover that the "great price" is actually $20 more per month than what I pay now.  And that's for the exact same services.  

Verizon, I understand that renewing existing customers is not something you seem to care about, and that the great introductory offers are for new customers... but DON'T give me fake come-on "renewal" offers. 

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Unfortunately, It Appears All Pay Television Service Providers Promise A "Special" Promotional Price Which Costs More Than What You're Currently Being Billed.

The Choices Available Are:

1) Slim Down Your Current Services To Lower Your Monthly Bill.

2) Switch To Another Pay Television Provider Until Their Promotion Ends.  (Rinse & Repeat)