"Pending order" stuck in system somewhere
Contributor - Level 2

I've had a Double Play of home phone and Directv for 2 years.  Last week, DSL finally became available in my area so I upgraded to the Triple Play.  I placed the order for DSL over the phone.

I had an activation date of 10/29 which got bumped to 10/30.  The installation is complete, my DSL is up and running, but when I log in to My Verizon it still shows I have a pending order - when I click on "What's Next" all it does is say my order was completed on 10/30.

When I call in to Verizon, the first message I hear is about a pending order.

I can't seem to get this to be cleared up.  Multiple reps have said they don't know what to do, aside from "waiting a few days to see if it gets updated."  It's not getting updated, and right now I am unable to manage my account.

My account also says it does not have any active DSL, which is not true because I am writing this post right now with my DSL connection!

I realize this is a public forum, but nobody on the phone seems able to solve this problem.  Private help would be much appreciated.