"Price is Guaranteed" followed by 2 price changes in 8 months
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At the beginning of the year I communicated with an agent via chat, because my previous contract had expired and I wanted to discuss my plan options for a new contract. I had a long conversation about the contract-free mix and match plan and was told repeated throughout the chat " Price is guaranteed as long as you will not make any changes," and "With our new pricing model called " mix & match " , your Fios bill has never been simpler. No surcharges, no surprises, and no broadcast or regional sports network fees."

That lasted all of 2 months. The first time my bill went up I got on chat to discuss it. I was told "there's no contract so your price can go up anytime." I said that's not what I was sold on. Then they said "oh, those are regional sports network fees, they're required. You were just credited for those before." I told him that is not what I was sold on. At some point I somehow ended up with another agent, I'm not sure if this was due to connection issues or if the first person escalated me. The second agent took the extra amount off my bill.

It was back on the following bill. I gave up. That first billing chat was exhausting. I just dealt with it even though I don't agree with how Fios is handling things.

A couple months later I signed up for autopay. I don't really like fios taking directly from my bank account, but the autopay discount put my bill back where I wanted it.

Two months after that I got my second price increase. So I got back on chat. To make a long story short I was basically told that Fios price changes supersede any guarantees your agents make, it's in the terms.  Basically, "it doesn't matter what guarantees we made because the small print says we do whatever we want and there's nothing you can do about it." No "would you like to discuss plans to see what we can work out," or "we're sorry for the confusion," just make me feel like an idiot because I've been with fios for year, thus it's been a while since I read the terms. This issue has never come up before, when I had a contract.

Telling people their price is guaranteed when prices are, in fact, subject to change just seems misleading. Throughout several contracts I've had with Fios, and Xfinity before them, I never had any issues with surprise price changes. I wasn't comfortable with this new contract system, and so far I have to say I'm disappointed in how my new plan has been working out. Maybe there should be some changes in how things are done, or stated to your customers.

Sorry if this shows up multiple times. Everytime I hit post it says unavailable.

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Hi Marklayne,

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