unacceptable wait time & customer service

I was supposed to get another outlet installed today, and the window of time for the tech arrival was 1:30 to 5:30 p.m.  OK, a 4-hour window is bad enough, but I could accept that if the tech had shown up!  At 5:30, I called Verizon, and it was the automated system, not a real person, that told me the window was now 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.  I obviously wanted to go ahead and speak to a real person, and I ended up talking to 3 different people.  The 2nd person, who works in the tech department, discovered that it would actually be closer to 7:00.  (So much for any plans I had for tonight!)  He said that the technician was supposed to call to tell me that he would be late.  No call.  The last person I talked to was a customer service rep.  She was extremely unhelpful and unsympathetic to the situation.  I felt that there should be some kind of compensation.  I am not a person who takes advantage of or tries to get one over on someone.  But after sitting at home for hours (and now even more hours), I am livid and feel that something should be done.  I would be happy with just a small discount.  Seriously, any small gesture would make me feel better about all the time I've wasted and continue to waste today.  The rep told me that they can't compensate and that I should file a complaint on the website under "Contact Us."

Well, maybe I'm just so mad I can't see straight, but I couldn't find any place to file a complaint, so I ended up here in the forum.  I have read many other complaints by other customers, and I see that I'm not alone, especially when it comes to a service call.

I guess our time, the customers' time, is not valuable to Verizon.  I guess the company couldn't care less how it treats its customers once it has them.  Well, Verizon should reconsider how it conducts business because this incident has made me decide to switch companies when my contract is up.  I will also tell anyone who will listen not to use Verizon.  (In my job, I come in contact with hundreds of people.)

Thanks for nothing, Verizon.  It's now 6:45 p.m., and I still continue to sit here and wait...and wait...and wait...

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