verizon put a collection notice on credit report & i can't get help to remove it
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I  am having issues similar to a post i saw on here. I was notified that Verizon had filed a "Collections" report against me for $60. This reduced my credit score by 150 points! I am a current Verizon customer & have paid every bill that Verizon has ever sent me. This "Collections" report is regarding a closed account & a router. I went in to the Verizon store in march 2023 to close my account. My account was set to be closed by the end of my lease & i left with the paid off router. Apparently, i was charged for an extra month afterwards. Before filing this Collections report against me, I was not notified by Verizon! They did not send me an email or physical mail or call or text. They just ruined my credit without warning. I only find out about the outstanding bill because Experian notified me of the huge decrease in my FICO score.  For two weeks i have been trying to contact Verizon but I cannot get ahold of anyone. I went to the same Verizon store & they say they do not handle FIOS. I am so confused.  Furthermore, my account had paperless billing, and so I would check for bills in my email. The last bill I received for the account in question was a statement for $0.00.  I am still a Verizon customer on a different account, but I deeply frustrated. I have been in the hospital for kidney failure & a transplant over the last few months & this is too much to deal with. Reading thru this forum & seeing how much mess everyone has to go thru to fix this same issue is depressing, i have a long week ahead of me. Ruining my credit score over bills that were never sent to me (for a billing period that continued after I canceled, not for anything that rolledover) is a completely unacceptable business practice.

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