verizon wireless :excellent features and terrible service

       On 12/06/2021, I opened a Verizon account. At that time, Verizon conducted a series of audits on my personal information, and finally passed the audit and established a Verizon account. There is nothing in my account. The device is Verizon, only unlimited mobile services. In other words, my equipment is completely owned by myself. Then, on 12/07/2021, I ordered 5 additional equipments on the verizon website and added 5 lines to my account because 3 equipments are temporarily missing Goods, so only 2 units were mailed to me. 10 minutes after my order was generated, my account was restricted. I received an email from Verizon asking me to contact them by calling {verizon fraud depertment}. After I contacted them, they asked me to upload my personal information again. ID photos, in the form of e-mail, {in fact, on the official website of Verizon, there is a clear warning to users to be careful of forged e-mails. Verizon will not ask users for any sensitive personal information about users by e-mail. }, but the phone number is correct, and they told me that if I don’t upload it, my order will be cancelled and my account will be closed, so I uploaded my driver’s license again. Again, after the approval, my account will be restored. It can be used, and I successfully received the package of 2 devices after 2 days. But on 12/13/2021, I received an email from Verizon again, and they suspended my account again and cancelled my order.Because of experience, I dialed the number of the department like the last time, and was told that I need to upload my personal ID photo again. I uploaded my personal ID photo three times a week. Is this how verizon protects customers? ? But there is no way, I still have to post, otherwise I can’t use the communication tool, and on Monday, while I was waiting for them to send me the link of the e-mail, I received another e-mail, my account and All orders have been cancelled. I called the department again, but this time I was directly told that my account would be permanently closed. I asked the reason, and they told me that there was no comment. I asked to talk to the manager. After being transferred {from the voice , It can be heard that it is still the same person. }, the manager asked me with a very strong attitude, phone number, name, what can help you, because each call takes at least 2 hours, then I asked, "You don’t make any records? And on When a customer service representative transfers to the next one, will there be no notification?" Just when I hesitated, the phone was hung up in about 5 seconds. Now my account is closed, the order is suspended, and my own equipment, as well as the equipment I just purchased from verizon (one of which I did not have a loan, but a one-time payment for the equipment) has been put in Verizon’s blacklist is due to unpaid bills and ID fraud. I want to say that my credentials have been reviewed and passed 3 times, and the existing equipment is my own, and they are all equipment without any loans. Just because I asked why I upload my ID again and again? One week, upload 3 times, to the same company, change you, would you ask? ?

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