wooohoo. finally done with fios

I was just forced to pay my final **bleep** bill for verizon fios. i was told i would not have to pay for cancellation fees since Verizon no longer supported whole house dvr system because of the way my building was wired. After our entire TV system went out on Super Bowl Sunday(with 14 people in our house) i spent over 20 hours over 4 weeks with verizon trying to figure out why our TV no longer worked. After all of that timethey finally realized my building could no longer properly support their service. After being told by multiple reps i could cancel with no penalty....Glorious Verizon hit me with the penalty. Love the lies! i called them to dispute this and they said, "oh we will take care of it, no worries" Then i got a letter from a collection agency??? SO not wanting to ruin my credit i just paid the bill. In one short month we will be able to cancel my wifes wireless account(instead of our original plan of me switching to Verizon) THANK GOD VERIZON WILL BE IN OUR REAR VIEW MIRROR!!!!!! This is one client you will never get back

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Happy to hear that. Fios is a pretty sleazy service.