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9530 Storm / VZW Access Manager

I have a 9530 Storm...was running the 4.7 software & using the Mobile Broadband add-on for my laptop, connecting through the new version VZW Access Manager, all was working great! Then...I got an urgent email from VERIZON & BlackBerry/RIM stating " Verizon Wireless recommends that you update your 9530 Storm to the new 5.0 software as soon as possible.


After reading ALL the disclaimers and seeing NOTHING that was out of line, I did the and for the last week, the VZW Access Manager does not work with the 5.0 RECOMMENDED update. As it turns out, as told by the Verizon BlackBerry Tech Support staff, BlackBerry forgot to include the VZW Access Manager  in their 5.0 update.


I have been checking every day for the new update that I was told that BlackBerry would do to correct the problem but so far, a week later...NADA! Now they do have some crumby, very complicated "work-around" that has been con-cocked to get something going, but is not even close to the 3G speed needed to use the Verizon Broadband add-on I'm paying for.


My question bout it Verizon/Blackberry? When are you going to get me what I'm paying for working right?...and yes, I'm a bit frustrated to say the least. I keep getting the "run-around" from Verizon. To me, thats just plain disrespect! I use my Laptop everyday for my work and need the connection that I'm paying for!


I asked Verizon for help and questions as to what they could do to help me get things working? This was their response to me..."We are working on the problem but until we get it fixed, we can SELL you a USB modem with 2 year contract with a 30% savings or SELL you a USB modem at FULL RETAIL PRICE and you pay $59 a month for your same level service...that I'm now paying only $30 a month for because I use my Storm as my modem! 


Really "sweet" help they offered me!

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