9550 cracked screen,

so i have a 9550, mexico assembled, i cracked screen got a replacement and as it seemed straightforward to replace it, i did. now no screen movement top and bottom buttons dont work too well, screen wont change.So i refereed to instructions,did more research took it back apart and reassembled it, same result! GRRR i am so ready to well you should get the idea! any hints?

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Re: 9550 cracked screen,
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Hi kde9,

I definitely don't want you to continue having trouble with the screen of the device. At this point I would suggest contacting Blackberry at 877-255-2377 to find out if they offer any repair services. You may also be able to find many independent cell phone store locations that offer repair services. If you happen to still have Verizon services with insurance, just contact Asurion at phoneclaim.com/verizon to have the phone replaced. Good luck with the screen.

Thank you,
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