All contacts gone after O.S. Version 5 Install including backup assistant

Phone: Curve 8530

Version: (bundle 1596, platform

Other information available upon request.

So, when i had the older operation system i had the older version of backup assistant. The last time i was on and managed my contacts they were all there some time ago. (about a few months)

My phone successfully backed up every day.

Today i installed the new version of the os to hope it would remove a few bugs.

I tried using backup assistant on the phone after downloading it on the verizon starter page. And it jsut gets stuck on the loading screen...

Now i went to hoping i could manally put a contact list in my phone by downloading it. There is none there and everything is gone from existence..

Whats the next step where do i go i need this fixed.

This was supposed to be the fail-safe.

Please help redeem the Verizon name

Update, they are now all back on the website under manage contacts, but the phone still freezes on the backup assistant pro boot screen.

I will update as i figure out more.