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Anyone Have a Blackberry Tour 9630 Replaced with BB Bold when RIM said Tours Defective?

I'm asking this because I need to find out who got a replacement Bold or other Blackberry for the defective Tour 9630 since in my case I got screwed.


I'm curious when they allowed the swap and if your contract was extended?


Why? Because my story tops them all as far as cell phone provider issues! I want to file an FCC complaint but I need some more facts that Verizon is not giving me after they look up my account and realize I'm one they got one over on.


Here is what happened to me:


I upgraded after my 1st year with Verizon, I got a Blackberry Tour in 1/2010. That phone had so many problems I had to keep taking it in every month for a replacement. Verizon refused to exchange for a different Blackberry. I had it 6 Blackberry Tour 9630's in 6 months.


I even called RIM and they said they had "design" issues with the Tour and it's being taken off the market with the phone carriers, they said Verizon should be allowing you to get a replacement phone of same or lower cost (another Blackberry).


Well that never happened and I had to file an FCC complaint before corporate finally called to help me. I even told them the "NEW" Tour I paid for when I signed a new contract was refurbished because when I tried to send the info in for the rebate, I got an letter stating that particular phone already received it's rebate.  Yep, I paid for a used phone, nice huh?


I should have stopped it right there, given them their used phone back and walked away but I'm thinking they are working with me and gave me the rebate ASAP, it will be OK.


WRONG!! 6 months into the contract with theTour not working and those 6 replacements I mentioned, they agree to give me another phone for $50. I said "drop dead, no more money from me because of an issue that's no fault of mine."


Then they said OK we'll give you a phone of the same value at no charge. So not knowing how the Bold was gonna work yet, I went with a Droid 2 as the Droid 1 had been out awhile and  I heard most bugs had been worked out.


Now here is the real kicker in the whole story. After they mailed me the new Droid, I was online paying my bill and noticed Verizon re-set my contract.

Instead of being up in January 2012 it now shows September 2012 even though I got the Droid 2 in July. **bleep**??


No one told me that and I couldn't get anyone to help fix that mess, they said "you got a new phone, we resolved your issue". Yeah ONE of the issues, not all of the issues like the fact the very first new phone of the new contract was USED!


Then to make matters worse, I heard from 2 people who had Tours and they said Verizon changed the policy and replaced the Tours with the Blackberry Bold for no charge and no contract extension. One of them swaped the phone May 30th and the other at the end of June. Before and after they finally called to help me.


This is why I need to know not what the Verizon policy states (because they can type of anything for all I know) but who got a new phone and when. What month and what year?


This is only referring to the Blackberry Tour 9630 the one with the small black trackball that they promptly pulled off the shelves around the time I got another phone.


If Verizon said they were looking into a solution,  I would have used my old Blackberry Curve for a bit , gotten the Bold,  and not be looking at this 9 month contract extension.


I don't know, they make it so hard for honest people who have hit hard times and dealt with bad phone after bad phone to just get a fair break. I have been sick and out of work for 3 years, I've used every penny I saved hoping I was going to get better. That is now not going to happen and when I really need out of the **bleep** contract, they pull this garbage.


If I just want out of the contract , I was told it would cost around $350. If I had $350 I wouldn't be typing this. I suppose I can fake my own death and get out of the contract that way.



So guess I work on becoming dead since that's my only option. I will never, ever, ever sign a cell contract as long as live, if I live.


I don't mean to sound like such a bitchy customer, I really feel I was screwed from the start of this contract and the screws keep coming!