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BB 9630 Tour VS. 8530 Curve

What are the main differences between the 9630 Tour and the 8530 Curve? I'm on my 2nd Tour (I had to exchange the first one due to some problems with it, some of which I'm also having with the new one!) and I'm thinking of taking it back and asking for an 8530 Curve as a replacement. I'm having trouble with the VZ Navigator not working right on the Tour, I'm having trouble with being able to hear callers when I'm on a call and now, on this 2nd Tour I've gotten, the trackball keeps hanging-up or frezzing. I previously had an 8330 Curve and had none of these problems!


So, I'm thinking about getting an 8530 Curve and just want to know the main differences. Are people happy with that model of Curve?





Re: BB 9630 Tour VS. 8530 Curve
Sr. Member

Check out this link and select the 2 phones you would like to compare to get specific information and you can also read the reviews about the phones from customers.

Re: BB 9630 Tour VS. 8530 Curve

RIM has on their Facebook page today that the 9650( Tour 2 with Trackpad,WIFI and a better camera) is coming. If you can hold out that is the best of both worlds. I had several issues with my Tour also and loved my 8330. The 8530 is just an update to that phone with a touchpad and WIFI and more app memory. The Tour is really a Storm with a keypad and a trackball.