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BB Curve: Can I turn off the blinking light email indicator?

On the Curve, is it possible to turn off the light that blinks when email comes in?


Is this possible with any Blackberrys?


Any chance it might be possible with the new/forthcoming BB Niagara/Tour?

Re: BB Curve: Can I turn off the blinking light email indicator?

Hey Hal,

I don't have the curve but I think the Blackberry formats are much the same between devices. So, try this out. Open your message Icon. Then push your menu(Blackberry)button. Scroll down your message list until you find Message Alerts. Select this. You should now be at a screen label Ring Tones/Alerts. From here you will need to personalize each individual email account setting. Select the desired account. This will bring you to a screen that should show you the LED alert status. Customize this as you wish.


As far as your last question, probably like I stated earlier. Most Blackberry formats are the same. Why mess up a good thing? 


Hope this helps...Good Luck

Regards, Michael