BB Curve G3 9330



I'm a newbie - have an iussue with incoming calls from anyone.


I backed up my BB w/ Desktop Mgr and reset to factory defaults.


Then, I tried to call my phone again - still does not accept incoming.


Message for anyone calling into my phone is something like...


"the Verizon Wireless customer you called is not available at this time..."


Should I be calling the Verizon Customer Service - support number for help?


Any help is appreciated - thanks,



Re: BB Curve G3 9330
Verizon Employee

Hi pichels,


I apologize for the delayed reply and I am hopeful your issue has been resolved in the interim. It sounds like your Call Forwarding feature is enabled.  To disable, dial *73, send , listen for the confirmation beep and end the call. Here in some more information about the Call Forwarding feature.  I hope this information is helpful.  Please let me know if you have any additional concerns.




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