BB Storm 2 inRussian Federation


I'm living in Russian Federation, my service provider is MTS.

I've bought two BB Storm 2 9550 smartphones. It emerged that they are unlocked Verizon phones.

I\ve tried to use BIS on them, but I cannot recieve messages with settings for this phones.

I've make calls to support centers of MTS and BlackBerry in Russia, they can't tell me what's the cause of such problems.

Somewhere in the internet I've found, that I cannot use BIS in Russia because of registration of my phones in Verizon network.

I've tried he "contact us" form on Verizon site, but it asks me to enter zip or state, and because I'm in Russia, I cannot make this.

So here's te question: How and where can I unregister my phones from Verizon?