Black Berry Tour 9630

I've really been happy with this phone however 3 annoyances have occured....


1.  I've had to trouble shoot 2 different things on my phone so I brought it into the store and they basically told me I had to get a new phone.  Needless to say, I went home and fiddled with it.... and I fixed it.  Nice job for "looking" at it Tech Support.


2. I bought the Black Berry Tour for it's International capabilities and 3 out of 4 times I was in S. America, I didn't have any service.  HUGE frustration because even though I pick up the other countries network, it still says SOS (no service) and they don't have an answer for me but they do tell me I am eligable for an upgrade.  It's not even an upgrade issue!


3. Again, i was in S. America for work and my software got corrupted some how and the phone was completely inoperable.  Have no idea why or how but when I sent an email to the Tech Support, they again told me my phone has died, however I am eligible for an upgrade.  Oh gee!  I DON"T WANT AN UPGRADE, I WANT MY PHONE TO WORK!  Needless to say, I uploaded the latest blackberry software version and fixed it again... yet myself.  


I've been a dedicated customer for 2 years now and can't help to feel that this is just one money hungry wireless provider.  I would go to AT&T if they didn't drop so many calls!


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