BlackBerry Storm 1 Problems

I've had nothing but trouble. I upgraded from an LG flip phone to the Storm about a month ago. I also bought a plastic case from the Verizon store to protect it. After a few days, it started freezing up. At first only once in w while, then became more frequent as the days passed. I'd removed the case, take out the battery for a minute or so, then it would reboot. It got so I had to do this four or five times a day. I decided to leave the case off after I rebooted it the last time. It never froze up again. Coincidence?? It ran fine for about two weeks after that. I even upgraded to 5.0 and it was fine.


My wife decided to get a Storm for our granddaughter. I took her to the Verizon store, and used the 'buy one, get one free' plan, and added her to our account. While we were at the store, MY screen went blank. Nothing would help it. (I was fortunate to have a very nice sales clerk helping us, she was great.) The techs checked out my phone and said the screen went bad. They gave me a brand new one, and asked if I had a backup. I did.


After doing a restore, this one started freezing. The only app I had loaded was Visual Voice Mail, and I had over 45 mg of free space. I would reboot and couldn't even send one text message without it freezing. So I tried downgrading to 4.7, that worked. It ran real good for several days. OK, so now it was upgrading to 5.0 again. After doing that, I couldn't even get through the setup screens, without a freeze. Back to 4.7. I think Ill just say there. <gr>


My granddaughter has not had the first problem. She has already sent at least 500 text messages, browsed the Internet, etc. She says every thing works perfectly, and has never had to reboot one time.


What in the world can I be doing wrong.

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