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BlackBerry Storm Application Memory and other Questions

Hi Everyone,


There are tons and tons of conflicting reports about how memory is used on a BlackBerry.  I am coming from a Windows Mobile world (I most recently had an Omnia), and am pretty green on BBs.  My Storm, which I have had a week now, only has ~40 MBs of available application memory, while Desktop Manager reports 56 MBs(after removing languages and other unwanted options).  Currently I have installed a Blood Pressure program, eWallet, and VCast with Rhapsody (huge at 4 MBs).  The amount of memory seems very feeble, and like it may become a problem quickly.  I really like how the BB handles e-mail, and the interface (and most importantly for me right now) a much improved texting experience compared to my Omnia. The screen seems sharper, and feels much bigger than the Omnia.  My Storm came with an 8 GB MicroSD card, and has 879 (874 available) MBs or "device" memory.  While in the store the other day, I played around with a BlackBerry Tour, and noticed that it had 90 MBs of application memory available.  So on to my questions.


How limiting is the lack of Application Memory on the Storm?  It seems so tiny, particularly coming from WiMo world where I was only limited by the size of a memory card.


Does anyone know if the amount of Application Memory can be increased (by RIM or Verizon)?  Some of the information at places like indicate that the 128 MBs of App memory is a section of the 1 GB "device" memory, which seems to imply that a flash from RIM could increase this.


Is the Tour a "better" BlackBerry due to it having twice the App memory of the Storm?  I am still within my exchange window, where I could swap the Storm for the Tour (would cost the $30 fee, plus the price difference $50).




Does anyone have any advice for a former WinMo user coming to the BB fold?


Thanks in advance!

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