Blackberry 9330- application net_rim_bluetooth (147) not responding Error

I updated my bb software to 6.0 and paired my Ford Edge with my blackberry.  All works fine for two days, then I get the following message:


Uncaught exception; application net_rim_bluetooth (147) not responding; process terminated.


I have had Verizon hard reset my blackberry and reinstall 6.0 update and then deleted and repaired my blackberry to my car.  Works for two days and then I get the same error.


I was even told to power off my bb at night so that it would cut all signals - that doesn't work.  The only way I can get my BB to work is to take out the battery each time I get the error and restart.


This pairing worked fine from November until now when my blackberry had 5.0 software on it.