Blackberry Curve 2, My 2 cents

Day after christmas I was introduced to the blackberry curve 2 (8530) at our local Verizon store. I was having problems with my original curve (8330) with software issues, camera issues & the trackball. They gave me a feel for this phone, updated software, sleek design, NO TRACKBALL! I was due for an upgrade so they went ahead and hooked me up, pay a little, get it back with the rebate. Yesterday, MY LCD cracked! I had multiple curves in the past that had usb problems, speaker problems, that the manufactuer took care of. I never put my new phone where my old one didn't go! Are these phones more fragile? My old blackberry got kicked out of my vehicle twice a month, Is this phone not going to last as long? Already filed with the insurance, HOPEFULLY I will get the same phone back. Anyone have any problems with Asurion? Sending a phone in and getting a crappy replacement? Well my new phone lasted 2 weeks. In a way Im guilty, but angry that my new blackberry can't handle being in my pocket! Who fault is that?



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My 2 cents is that you are too hard on your phone. Cracked LCD has never been covered under the warranty. You might want to think about getting a Casio Rock phone built to Military specifications against water, shock, temperature and dust resistance.


Short of that, get a rugged case for it.


Good thing you had insurance. You'll get another Curve 2, but it won't be the same phone back if that's what you were hoping for.


Asurion phones have a one year warranty against manufacturer's defects. If it's defective and you didn't break it, then Asurion will replace their phones at no charge during the warranty period. If you have the extended warranty also, then nothing to worry about.

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Get an OtterBox case for it. Protects the phone from just about everything... I purchased one and same day dropped my phone on concrete... pretty much saved it from destruction.